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Power Your Marketing Plan With Instagram Marketing

Instagram now has over ninety million active users sharing millions of photos every day.   When you have that type of popularity on a social media property, people take notice…particular those who realize the power of social media and how it can affect the bottom line.   Businesses, from solo internet marketers to fortune 500 [...] Read more

Instagram Marketing Tips

More and more businesses are using Instagram for marketing their products. Because it is essentially a photo app Instagram is yet another social means to communicate with people and everyone can relate to a photo.   These days the internet is becoming a lot more visual with thousands of images being uploaded daily. Pictures can [...] Read more

Build Brand Awareness With Instagram

The past several algorithm changes from Google effectively wiped out thousands of websites.   People are paying more attention to what will make Google happy when it comes to optimizing websites now and in the future.   Content is still king for the most part but it’s never been more important to consider social signals [...] Read more

Instagram Marketing Used By Top Brands

With over 80 million users signed up to the Instagram service it is no wonder that more and more Top Brands are coming on board and using Instagram to help boost their online marketing strategies.   So how exactly are these huge companies using a mobile app to raise their profile and increase public interest [...] Read more